Public Vs Private Clouds

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What’s what and why do I care?

    Web definitions:
    (Private clouds) Private clouds are virtualized data centers inside your company’s firewall.

    (Public clouds) Public clouds are virtualized cloud data centers you may lease or buy resources from a second party.

    There are a variety of VPS hosting solutions out these days. These wouldn’t be considered private clouds just because you can lease resources from them. The XenServer or vSphere cluster you setup at work or at home would be considered a private cloud.

    Cloud (VPS) Pro’s
    • Very inexpensive to get your foot in the door
    • No need to worry about hardware failures or upgrades
    • Some have image based VM backups
    • Great bandwidth, little cost
    • Scaling bandwidth
    • Power and bandwidth costs are usually a flat monthly fee

    Private (VPS) Pro’s
    • You have complete control of the hardware
    • Location, it’s usually really close by
    • You can account for exactly where and who has access to your data
    • You only pay for the power you use
    • Some locations have very fast internet connections