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Information Systems DevOps technology specialist. Network and Systems engineer with a focus on cloud engineering and systems architecture.


  For a recent project I was challenged with the need to prove an AWS EC2 instance was a puppet server without access to the instance. Thankfully Puppet Enterprise DB API has exactly what I needed. However I found the examples in the documentation online where not good enough for... Read more

Here is how you use the new structured facts with MCO commands like ping and runonce.

Here is a short HOWTO which results in a custom Amazon AWS EC2 AMI image with the Puppet Enterprise agent installed and setup to connect to the Puppet master server. This method uses a 3rd party... Read more

Here is an interview I did with Puppet Labs on my automation work with PhoenixNAP. With a combination of VMware,... Read more

I've written and published a Puppet module to load AWS EC2 tags into puppet as facts. So now when you tag your EC2 instance the tag can be a tag usable by Puppet. AWS cli tools are automatically installed and setup. you just have to provide your key and secret with read access to the... Read more

HOWTO build and package the Apache Tomcat Native binaries for your CentOS system. Download: git clone git@github.com:BIAndrews/tcnative-packager.git Build steps and example: $... Read more